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At Claterpult, we are influenced by nature, mesmerized by wood grain, and seduced by the simplicity of Danish design. We build high quality hand-crafted furniture using responsibly sourced west coast species and reclaimed timber.


The places you work and live are the back drop for our designs. Through the process of consultation and design, a one of a kind piece emerges that combines form and function. 

Project Zeo


Zero waste is the movement to divert all waste from ending up in the landfills. Project Zero is our attempt to become a zero waste operation. We aim to use every piece of wood that comes through our doors, we also believe in diverting as much waste as possible from the landfill. Here at Claterpult Woodworks we design custom wood furniture because we know that these living pieces of wood connect us to the environment. We are bringing the outdoors inside. Smelling, working, and eating off these pieces connects us with nature, which we believe roots us deeply. The pieces of wood we transform come from all around us, which is why protecting the environment is a core value of Claterpult Woodworks. 

Here are some of the ways we are taking on Project Zero 


We bring our sawdust to a local farmer who uses it for his horses stalls

Hardwood scraps are used for smaller projects

We are in the process of eliminating all single use plastics, including mixing cups and plastic gloves

We use reclaimed wood as much as possible, for example, Trading Post Brewing flights are made from the walls of the original building



When JP started creating custom furniture he worked out of his garage. His young son, Charlie, would join him and play in the shop with his favourite toy, a catapult. Charlie was learning to talk and would talk about his claterpult as he played. JP would say, "you pronounce it catapult" to which Charlie would respond "That's what I said Papa, claterpult".  The name stuck!

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